Njivice - Øyer - Kroatia

Informasjoner for din Ferie i Njivice

Vi har 275 bosteder i Njivice for deg til utvalg.

Byen Njivice har ca. 1000 innbyggere og det er 17 km til Stedet Krk, Krk, den nærmeste større byen. Dette er bydelene til Njivice: Kijac.

Njivice is one of the most important tourist centres of the entire northern Horv?torsz?g. The variety of cultural and historical offer in the city and its surroundings, as well as the beautiful countryside attract many visitors the whole year round. The urban heart of this Central European Baroque town, which is often compared with Vienna, is very well preserved. The old town fortification, the central part of the town, numerous museums, galleries and collections as well as the Njivice cemetery, protected as a horticultural monument, represent the main tourist attractions. The central museum object of the Town Museum is situated in Stari Grad and distinguished by many exhibits related to the history of the Njivice region from the pre-historic period up to the present day. The unique collection of more than ten thousand stuffed insects, gathered by Franjo Koscec Esq., accommodated in the Entomological Department in Herzer Palace, deserves a special mention.

Numerous cultural and entertainment events are also important. The most significant are the Njivice Baroque Evenings - one of the greatest musical events in Horv?torsz?g. Other important events are the International Festival of Wind Orchestras, the Days of the Book (in October), etc.

One of the landmarks of the town is the Njivice guard, the so-called "purgari", dressed in their nice blue grenadier uniforms, who stand by the Town Hall during significant ceremonies.

The town offers a variety of sports and recreational facilities, in particular those within the stadium of FC "Varteks", member of the Horv?torsz?gn Premiere Football League.

The Drava river and Njivice Lake represent a heaven for anglers, with pike-perch, pike, carp, etc. being the main catch. The cuisine of Njivice is popular and renowned, and the "Njivice klipici" (bakery product) are the most represented and simplest speciality of the town. Buckwheat porridge, turkey with "mlinci" (kind of pasta), "strukli" (cottage cheese strudel), "zlevka" (traditional folk cake), venison, and the exquisite Njivice wine and the Njivice beer, "Knaput", can satisfy even the most demanding taste.
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Ferie i Njivice med Adrialin

Her finner du gunstige bosteder for din neste reise. :

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Søker du en ferieleilighet, et feriehus, et hotell, et landsted, et pensjonat, et gjesterom eller en bobil for din ferie i XZY, eller vil du bare informere deg om Njivice i Øyer, da er du på riktig plass hos oss.

Her finner du ferieleiligheter, feriehus, landsteder, hoteller, ferieanlegg, pensjonater, gjesterom, bobiler, yachter til leie, utflukter m.m. Adrialin har et stadig voksende tilbud for din reise til Kroatia, Italia og Østerrike.

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Njivice Ferieleiligheter, Njivice Feriehus, Njivice Hotell, Njivice Ferieanlegg, Njivice Landsted, Njivice pensjonater, Njivice Gjesterom, Njivice Mobile hjem

Njivice, et godt valg for din ferie i Kroatia.