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Informasjoner for din Ferie i Jelsa

Vi har 172 bosteder i Jelsa for deg til utvalg.

Småbyen Jelsa har ca. 3650 innbyggere og det er 26 km til Stedet Hvar, Hvar, den nærmeste større byen. Dette er bydelene til Jelsa: Vitarnja, Vrisna, Lucica, Libora, Pelinje, Mala banda, Racic, Zastrazisce, Humac, Vela Stiniva, Svirce, Zecja, Vrisnik, Prapatna, Milna (Zastrazisce), Pitve, Grebisce.

Jelsa has a rich tradition in tourism. The first hotel, Jadran, was built in 1911, and in 1913 the first illustrated guide-book in the Croatian language was printed. Today Jelsa is an important tourist centre. Major attractions of this popular seaside resort include various accommodation facilities - hotels, apartments, campsites - and sports and recre-ational opportunities - tennis courts, tennis camp, miniature golf, boccia courts, water sports, diving school. Important is also exquisite gastronomic offer - fresh seafood and famous wines of Hvar. Excursions are regularly organized (Bol, Makarska, etc.).

Occasional cultural and entertainment programs are organized in the summer months. The major event is the Days of Antun Dobronic (20th of July - 20th of August).

JELSA, a small town and port on the northern coast of the island of Hvar. Economy is based on farming, viticulture, olive growing, fishing, shipbuilding, seafaring and tourism. Jelsa is located on the regional road running throughout the island. In the mid-19th century, the marshland around the coast was reclaimed and the new centre of Jelsa was gradually built there. Local roads connect Jelsa with the neighbouring villages (Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, etc.). There are also regular ship lines with Split and Bol on the island of Brac.

The first habitation grew out around the small church of St. John in the Field, which was in the 17th century reconstructed and converted into a Baroque-style structure of an octagonal ground-plan. A square was formed around the church and it got its present aspect in the period between the 17th and the 19th centuries. - The fortified parish church of Sts. Fabian and Sebastian, built in the 16th century, is a three-nave structure covered by a stone barrel vault. One of the Baroque altars is a work by the wood-carver Antonio Porri. The New Park features a monument to the Croatian composer A. Dobronic (1878-1955) by S. Drinkovic. - In the vicinity of Jelsa are the remains of a Greek fortress called Tor, and on the locality of Crkvica the remains of an antique structure.
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Ferie i Jelsa med Adrialin

Her finner du gunstige bosteder for din neste reise. :

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Søker du en ferieleilighet, et feriehus, et hotell, et landsted, et pensjonat, et gjesterom eller en bobil for din ferie i XZY, eller vil du bare informere deg om Jelsa i Øyer, da er du på riktig plass hos oss.

Her finner du ferieleiligheter, feriehus, landsteder, hoteller, ferieanlegg, pensjonater, gjesterom, bobiler, yachter til leie, utflukter m.m. Adrialin har et stadig voksende tilbud for din reise til Kroatia, Italia og Østerrike.

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Jelsa, et godt valg for din ferie i Kroatia.